Sieku Glamping – A rustic haven

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I have gone camping only twice in my life and loved the experience. But let me tell you, I had no idea what I was missing out on! Ever heard of glamarous camping? Glamour + camping = GLAMPING! And Sieku Glamping is the perfect embodiment of this! Leave all the tussles of unpacking tents, sleeping in a horrible sleeping bag and getting ants all over your tent behind! This place was PERFECT! My friends and I decided to go there this past weekend (which was coincidentally my birthday weekend) Continue reading “Sieku Glamping – A rustic haven”

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Oloolua Nature Trail

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Last weekend, my friend and I decided to go to Oloolua Nature Trail in Karen. It is part of Oloolua Forest. I had never been there before so I was really excited. I was not too sure about making the visit a blog post so I did not take too many photos.

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Kilifi vlog (Video)

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The video is up! I hope my phone does the beautiful land of Kilifi justice in showing you how pretty it is. Forgive the shakiness in the video. It was my first vlog and I did not have a stabilizer. Enjoy! Continue reading “Kilifi vlog (Video)”

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The Distant Relatives Experience (Day two)

Bofa Beach, Kilifi

I enjoyed my second day in Kilifi the most. Having made friends with other people staying at the eco-lodge, we decided to do a lot of activities together that Saturday. I knew it would be a long day so I ensured I had a heavy healthy breakfast to give the start of the day a good kick. Continue reading “The Distant Relatives Experience (Day two)”

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The Distant Relatives Experience (Day one)

Soaking up Kilifi sunshine

Have you ever felt like you are showering in the Amazon forest? Have you at least brushed your teeth in your cottage bathroom as a monkey stares at you? Still no? Well, have you at least had a baby hedgehog look at you as you sip on ‘dawas’ beside the pool? Still a no? Then what have you experienced? Head on over to Distant Relatives in Kilifi!

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Kilifi New Year 2016/2017

Photo by Rinus Hartsuijker

Happy new year! I am 12 days late but it is only because I was still recovering from the nostalgia of the BEST festival ever. Continue reading “Kilifi New Year 2016/2017”