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Kendra’s Fashion House Collection

Minimalist Mood Board Photo Collage.jpg

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to meet and model for one of the best young designers we have in Kenya today, Nicole of Kendra’s Fashion House. Her designs are minimalist and modern. Being stylishly simple is key ladies! Continue reading “Kendra’s Fashion House Collection”



Look 5 - 3


Dark skin.


These are a few words I would use to describe myself whenever I looked into the mirror. Not only because I was ‘crazy’, but because people’s daunting insults and jokes ingrained these descriptions deeper into my being every time they were uttered. Continue reading “#FLAWED”


Actionable ways to get rid of that bad funk in your life


It’s a new month. Congratulations on making it past the first quarter of the year. I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life these past few months. A whole lot of great things and a whole lot of bad things too. I lost a friend I held dear, got my door slammed in my face for some opportunities I really wanted and felt a roller coaster of emotions simultaneously. Nevertheless, I always manged to find myself bouncing back up through all the ups and downs (thank you Jesus). Here are the 5 things I did that hopefully can help you if you fin yourself in a similar situation:

Continue reading “Actionable ways to get rid of that bad funk in your life”

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Bye bye February

The month of love is soon ending. Valentine’s day came and went. Roses were bought that have now withered, gifts were purchased that have now been forgotten, and most importantly, the single people are still breathing. Woop woop! We made it folks.

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What nobody tells you in campus

My campus ‘ngaofwends’

I am finally done with university. Fare thee well 8.4.4 education system! You really tortured me and equally taught me well. I must admit that out of the 16 years in the Kenyan education system, campus’ last four years were the most memorable. I learnt quite a lot along the way. Some of which I will explain below: Continue reading “What nobody tells you in campus”


Not all heroes wear capes (the njugu story)

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Not all heroes wear capes. Yes, superheroes exist out of the Marvel and DC Universe. They do not necessarily wear cool costumes, have an amazing background story or possess x-ray vision. The heroes I am about to mention in this post today have a different kind of strength. A different kind of superpower. The power of self-sacrifice. Let me explain. Continue reading “Not all heroes wear capes (the njugu story)”


Single pringle


I honestly had no idea what a blessing being single for a long time would be. In all honesty, I was quite naive after getting out of my previous relationship and attempting to hop back into the dating scene. I hope that the mistakes and advice I will share in this post can help a young lady out there wondering how to navigate the single pringle life. P.S – I am not Dr. Love Continue reading “Single pringle”